/wɔls / (say wawls), /wɒls / (say wols), /wɔlts/ (say wawlts), /wɒlts/ (say wolts)

1. a ballroom dance in moderately fast triple time, in which the dancers move in a series of circles, taking one step to each beat.
2. a slower dance, also in triple time.
3. a piece of music for, or in the rhythm of, this dance.
4. of, relating to, or characteristic of the waltz, as music, rhythm, or dance.
verb (i)
5. to dance or move in the movement or step of a waltz.
6. Colloquial to take away with great ease: he waltzed off with the first prize.
7. Colloquial to move nimbly or quickly.
verb (t)
8. to cause to waltz; accompany in a waltz.
9. waltz in, to enter, disregarding the fact that one's presence may be unwelcome or inappropriate.
10. waltz Matilda, Obsolete Colloquial to wander about as a tramp with a swag: *Leaving Buninyong the doctor met a group of disappointed diggers, who were waltzing Matilda back to Melbourne, on the chance of finding fresh fields. –frank clune, 1937. {Phrase Origin: from matilda meaning `a swag'. See matilda}
11. waltz up to, to approach without due observance of formalities.
{German walzer, from walzen roll, dance a waltz}
waltzer, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.